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The Twin Advantage of VPS Agkeksa ( Vijay Professional Services ) + Simpliance = More then 20 years of cumulative expertise served on a digital platter. 


Vijay Professional Services

VPS Agkeksa supports a leading footwear company in end to end licensing and renewals of its Shops and Trade license for more than 1500 of its stores across the country, right from Kashmir to the North east.

Monthly Labour Compliance

Comprehensive review and assessment of compliance documents and performance evidence associated with recurring controls.

One Time Registrations

Our experts will simplify the process of obtaining Registrations and Renewals, helping you save money and time.

Audits and Reporting

Auditing support for areas such as client premises, employer records, vendor records and applicable compliance's.

Consulting & Representation

Understand your regulatory compliance obligations and manage your compliance requirements with our experts.


VPS Agkeksa
Vijay Professional Service

Shaping the future of compliance industry, Demystifying the complexities of Statutory Compliance, 

Using SIMPLIANCE tool as the framework, VPS Agkeksa conducted Labour Compliance Audits at 20 factories for One of India’s largest pharma companies. Apart from auditing the Principal Employer, VPS Agkeksa also audited more than 400 of its manpower contractors, all within 3 months, due to its superior technological edge.

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