Factories Act 1948 – Maharashtra Rules – Revised (Basic) Minimum and VDA notification

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Maharashtra minimum Wages act notification has been published vide circular dated 05.08.2019, and the VDA for Factory Establishment declared Rs. 4725/-. 
However in the same month another notification vide circular dated 30.08.2019 was issued by Industries, Energy and Labour Dept. under Minimum Wages act for Factory Establishment; 
according to the said notification, it is mentioned that the Basic Wages for Factory workers has been increased as compared to their last Basic wages as per the Zone and Category wise.
Hence, confusion was created in the mind of the Establishment/Employers which Minimum Wages declared (Basic + VDA or Basic wages) needs to be implemented.

To clear the confusion another notification vide circular dated 19.09.2019 was issued in which it was clearly mentioned that the old Basic +  VDA of  Rs 4725 is applicable only from 01.07.2019 to 29.08.2019; and w.e.f 30.08.2019 to 31.12.2019 there will no VDA applicable only Basic Wages is applicable for the Factory Establishments.

Click Here to Get Notification dated 05.08.2019
Click Here to Get Notification dated 30.08.2019
Click Here to Get Notification dated 19.09.2019

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