Establishment make payments to the contractors relating to Private Security, Cleaning/Housekeepers and ATM Van Services

Dear Readers,
In the view of regarding DO Letter dated 30.03.2020 initiative to be taken to handle the grave situation due to outbreak of COVID-19, The Hon’ble Minister of State for Labour and Employment issued note dated 21.04.2020 forwarded representation date 15.04.2020 received from the chairperson FICCI Committee of Private Security Industry wherein it was requested that;
·        Private Security, Cleaning/Housekeeping sanitization ATM van Services has worked during the lockdown period and as they have been recognized as ‘”Essential sectors.
·        Requested to pay these outsourced worker’s wages by the Contractors or Agencies, if the principal employer clears the dues and make the payment to the concern Contractor or Agencies on time.
·        Directed to take up the issue with all Principal employers make timely payment of the contractor and ensure that the contractor make timely payment to the contract workers including migrant workers.  

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