Every Company, according to their employment strength various Labour laws gets applicable to them. We thus assess the applicability & advice in implementation of those Labour laws to the Company for effective working of the Organization and complying the legal obligations.

  • We operate mainly in six areas of Consultation:


  • Labour laws and Industrial Relations Consulting.
  1. Advise in implementation / application and compliance of acts like
  • The Bombay Shops & Establishments Act, 1948.
  • The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act 1970.
  • The Factories Act 1948
  • The Mumbai Labour Welfare Fund Act. 1953.
  • The Maharashtra Profession Tax Act 1971.
  • The Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous provisions Act, 1952.
  • The Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948.
  • The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
  • The Maharashtra Private Security Guards Act, 1981.
  • The Minimum Wages Act, 1948.
  • The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965.
  • The Payment of Wages Act, 1936.
  • The Employee’s Compensation Act, 1923, Etc.
  • Building and Other Construction Workers Act.1996
  • Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013
  1. Also advise in implementation / application, of following Labour Laws
  • The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946
  • The Maharashtra Recognition of Trade Unions and Prevention of Unfair Labour Practices Act, 1971 (MRTU& PULP Act)
  • The Trade Union Act, 1926
  1. Consulting in the matter of appointment of right employees or outsourcing agencies (contractor) etc. and termination of surplus or troublemaker employees to make the smooth working of the establishment.
  2. Drafting appointment letters for temporary employees, Probationers, trainees etc.


  • Labour Law Compliance audit (Risk Management).
  • As regards services for ensuring on behalf of company by way of monthly auditing the contractor’s records, we work on monthly audit fees Per Vendor. These fees will be inclusive of obligations of Compliance on the part of principle employer on Contract Labour Act.
  • The detail Scope of work for the services to be rendered under various Labour Laws applicable to Company and under Contract Labour Act as Principle employer for compliances of labour laws by the contractors/Vendors is as under:


  1. Entity Audit e.Principal Employer’s audit comprises of a compliance checklist agreed upon by the Organization for physical verification of labour law compliances on a monthly or quarterly basis and to escalate non performance issues and areas of concern to the Management for resolution which includes periodic filing of returns under the various Acts.
  2. Vendor Audit e. Vendors are looked at, as Service Providers under a Service Agreement with the Principal Employer for various service deliverables which comprises of a vendor checklist where compliance documents are physically verified to assess the status of vendors main contractors or sub contractors offering services like Security, Housekeeping, Maintenance, IT, Transport, Gardening, Cafeteria etc.
  3. Factory Audit to evaluate & Investigate on complete factory details like Production capacities & Capabilities Metal Contamination Prevention Tool




  • Compliance of remittance process
  • EPF Monthly Challan Processing
  • ESIC Monthly Challan Processing
  • PT Monthly Challan Processing
  • LWF Processing


  • Compliance Training to HRs and others.
  • We provide training in compliance with established central and state rules under all labour laws, regulations, policies and procedures. By ensuring compliance.


  • Manpower out sourcing /temporary staffing.
  • We offers end-to-end temporary staffing solutions that helps clients mitigate costs, enhance productivity, and manage workforce, in a more effective and efficient manner. With a strong presence in India as well as an extensive experience background in this field, we ensure that you reap maximum benefits.Acquiring temporary staff significantly reduces resource allocation costs, and offers you the flexibility to deploy Human Resources for a limited or a fixed period when required. One of the key benefits of allocating temporary resources is that it leaves ample space for assessment of the employee, before recruiting him/her permanently.


  • Payroll Management.
  • Analysis of Payroll records, payroll taxes
  • Medical claim processing
  • Employee Insurance & Provident fund processing
  • Quality Audit procedures & planning


We have also executed number of due diligences on labour laws and done certification of Standing orders for our Clients.


We provide Facility services by latest methods and well-trained technical persons for a pleasant working environment.

Facility services like housekeeping, Gardening ect.. is nowadays gaining prominence. Today, it is not looked at merely as a back-of the-house area. The Services are today function as a vibrant voice of the property. The facility services today demands skilled specializations, which superior results. “Outsourcing proves to be highly cost-effective, makes better business sense”.

While maintaining housekeeping as the core competency, we have successfully diversified our expertise in Sweeping, Pantry Services, Horticulture, and valet parking driver operations.

Our service basket consists of wide array of soft services and other back-end support thus ensuring the sparkling beauty and youth of your property.


  • As well as we operate mainly following areas of Facility Services:


  • Housekeeping and up keeping

Lobby, Offices, Boardrooms & Showrooms:

  • Clean glass doors, mirrors & windows.
  • Dust all furniture & horizontal surfaces.
  • Dust & clean telephones
  • Vacuum all carpet areas.
  • Empty trash/recycle, replace liners, clean bins
  • Stripping, buffing and refinishing of floors.

Ø         Corridors, Elevators, Stairwells & Landings:

  • Clean mirrors & windows.
  • Empty trash; replace liners, clean containers
  • Dust railings & ledges.
  • Appropriate hard floor care includes damp mopping,
  • Removal of scuff & heel marks, stripping, buffing and refinishing of floors.
  • Clean exterior glass & frames of fire hose cabinets.

Ø         Eating Areas/Cafeterias/Kitchenettes:

  • Damp clean & sanitize table tops and chairs.
  • Damp clean pedestals or legs of table’s
  • Clean interior & exterior of fridges & microwaves
  • Clean & sanitize all countertops & sinks.
  • Empty trash/recycle, replace liners, clean bins
  • Clean & de-scale drinking fountains.
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces.
  • Clean interior glass partitions and doors.
  • Vacuum all carpet areas.
  • Damp mopping, removal of scuff & heel marks.
  • Stripping, buffing & refinishing of floors.

Ø         Washrooms Cleaning:

  • Clean, sanitize and de-scale all vitreous fixtures.
  • Clean pedestals or legs of table’s.
  • Clean interior & exterior of fridges & microwaves.
  • Empty trash, replace liners, clean containers.
  • Clean & sanitize all countertops & sinks.
  • Clean walls & partitions.
  • Clean interior glass partitions and doors.
  • Refill all dispensers to normal limits.
  • Clean & de-scale drinking fountains.
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces.
  • Appropriate hard floor care includes.
  • Sweep, damp mop & disinfect all floors.
  • Damp mopping, removal of scuff & heel marks.
  • Stripping, buffing & refinishing of floors.
  • Clean glass & mirrors
  • Empty trash; replace liners, clean containers
  • Clean walls, doors & partitions.
  • Refill all dispensers to normal limits.
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces.
  • Sweep, damp mop & disinfect all floors.
  • Clean & sanitize all counter tops.
  • Clean & polish metal fixtures.

Ø         Carpet Cleaning:

  • Proper maintenance of carpet, upholstery, fabric partitions & workstations: spot removal, deep-steam cleaning, deodorizing, scotch guarding.

Ø         Parking Lot Maintenance:

  • Removal & disposal of trash, empty & clean ashtrays & smoking areas.

Ø         General Issues:

  • Notify building contact of any irregularities.
  • Turn off all designated lights, close windows & lock all doors.
  • Customer service visits.
  • Review with on-site cleaners & area supervisor.
  • Review/check communication log.
  • Landscape maintenance:

Ø         We are in the segment of Developing and Maintaining the Garden, lawns by the experienced gardeners under the control of our Horticulturist who have the sound knowledge in the field of Horticulture.

  • Top dressing, pruning of the plants
  • Periodical spraying of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Renovation of old lawns
  • Planting of seasonal varieties
  • Nursery maintenance in the campus
  • Care taking of Green indoor plants
  • Procurement of soil, manure, plantation & maintenance
  • Laying of Korean grass pads for lawns and gardens
  • Silk Grass Lawn maintenance
  • Carpet Grass maintenance
  • Rock Garden maintenance
  • Flower Beds maintenance


  • Valet Parking Driver Solutions
  • Data Entry Operator


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